"...I am not used to working alone in a serene setting, I have never understood what a calm environment can do for one's practice until now."

"Provincetown is a fitting place for anyone with challenging and innovative ideas.  The water, landscape and light of the town have attracted Viking explorers, Portuguese fishermen, artists, and whalewatchers. The Town of Provincetown was incorporated in 1727 and through most of the 18th century it remained a sleepy place. By the mid-19th century, the growth of the whaling industry turned it into one of the busiest sea ports in the country."

"I've been creating many pieces that I plan to silkscreen when I return home to Oakland. The time alone has allowed me to be creative and experimental in ways that I had not considered."

"Originally the cottage where we live was a bakery. The basement walls bear witness to its past: marks from wood ovens used to cook bread remain there still. The bakery was originally located on the other side of the bay, on Cape Cod. In 1860 the house was moved as one piece, by ship, to Provincetown and converted into a summer home."

"There is a culture around working till you drop, because there IS so much to do in this world. But if you drop, implode, act out, get negative, get competitive, what good are we? It's so important to change that. I feel that Sea Change is doing just that."

"I wanted to avoid using my car once in Ptown, so I would go shopping every day on my bike with a backpack and only buy what fit into the bag. I wanted to have as little environmental impact as possible, so cooking this way created almost no garbage."

"The beach sits wide and flat behind beautiful grassy dunes. The water was cold today. Seals swam close to the shore and to the swimmers – we chatted excitedly with strangers about it for hours."

"While there is no single, clear distributable product of my time, I have regained and revived my ability to think and write – both lost by the relentless demands of my organizations’ growth and the urgency of the political situations in which we find ourselves as women worldwide.  I am certain, that within the next weeks and months, my critical insights and the debates which I engage in with my colleagues will be visible."

"Our biggest discovery was Townsend’s, near the Stop and Shop, which has a raw bar happy hour from 3-5 everyday. So steady was our commitment to Townsend’s that many beach moments ended abruptly by 4pm so we could make it back in time for the 6 oysters and draft beer for $9.  We were such regulars that we got to know most of the staff and the family that owns the place."


Narrow streets in P-Town; Anything could be an accident; The sound of dunes calling


Today I watched men assemble boats. Push them into the water. There are postcards that describe this. The wind is a stamp.

"In thinking about Cape Cod’s four hundred years of recorded history, I have reflected upon my task of giving Canada’s land a voice. By comparison the European history of my west coast home is much shorter and scant on stories. First Nations peoples have maintained the history of this land for a much longer time, and their stories may provide insights that can help us depict a future without fear."

"On my own once again, I am working against time to finish what I set out to do here. The time here has had many affects but one important one is that I have found that my clenching teeth have subsided and once again I can hear my self think outside of Los Angeles demands."

Sea Change Residencies supports artists who promote shifts in public awareness about fundamental social realities and possibilities, and activists who employ creative and artistic tools in the struggle for social change.